Infection Control

While you are visiting your baby in the NICU, you will be shown how to carefully wash your hands and arms. This is a very important measure to help avoid unnecessarily exposing your baby to germs.

As infection control is essential to the health of your baby, we have provided a few guidelines to keep in mind:


Do not visit the NICU if you have a cold or any symptoms of illness. Family members, especially children, should not visit if they are sick.

Hand Washing

  • Washing your hands is the best way to protect your baby from infection.
  • Always remember to wash your hands with soap and water for one minute before going to your baby's bedside.
  • Remember to remove all watches, rings, and bracelets and roll your sleeves up to your elbows before washing your hands.
  • While with your baby, remember to keep your hands free from contact with anything except your baby. (This includes hair, face, pockets, etc.)
  • If you have more than one baby in the NICU, you will need to wash your hands before going to your other baby's bedside, and again after visiting the other baby.
  • Always wash your hands after changing your baby's diaper.
  • Always remember to wash your hands before pumping or breastfeeding.

Other Methods

Masks, gloves, and gowns are used for specific situations only. Consult with a nurse prior to use.


  • Adult supervision is required for sibling visits.
  • Before the first visit, any children under 12 will need to provide their immunization record.
  • Before each visit, an infection screening card must be completed and screened by a nurse.
  • If siblings have recently been exposed to, or have, any infectious disease, the visit should not take place. A rash, runny nose, fever, earache, or exposure to measles or chicken pox could be very dangerous to your baby.