Developmental Resources

Babies born prematurely or who have endured lengthy hospitalizations due to illness are potentially at risk for developmental delays. For this reason, many families are referred to various developmental resources upon their discharge from the NICU.

Infant Progress Clinic

Based at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the Infant Progress Clinic provides follow-up testing for infants who have been discharged from the NICU and may be at risk for delays. Their goal is to provide follow-up evaluations to check each child's development. If needed, early services provide each child the chance to function at his best. If your baby qualifies, an appointment for your first visit, scheduled at four to six months of age, will be made upon discharge from the unit.

A special therapist will perform a standard test. Parents are to ask questions that will help them understand their child's developmental needs. Suggestions are given for exercises and activities to improve the infant's development. Any suggestions are shared with the parents and the baby's doctor.

For more information, please call the IPC coordinator at (310) 423-4465.

Regional Center

(213) 383-1300
(310) 258-4000

Regional Center is a state-funded agency contracted by the Department of Developmental Services to provide or coordinate services and supports for eligible babies with special needs. Eligible children include infants or toddlers (from birth through 36 months of age) who either have a significant delay in at least one area of development, or have a condition with a known probability of causing a disability or delay.

Early intervention and other regional center services are based on referrals, so please contact your social worker for more information.

California Children's Services

(800) 288-4584

California Children Services is a statewide program that treats children with certain physical limitations and chronic health conditions.

Los Angeles County Social Services

(888) 944-4477 - In-Home Supportive Services

California offers health services and in-home support if you meet the requirements.

The Early Childhood Center

Since 1970, The Early Childhood Center at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has provided services for children ages zero to six and their families. Among the many services offered, including research in early development and intervention, the Early Childhood Center offers developmental Mommy and Me classes specifically designed for premature infants and their parents.

For more information, please contact the infant services coordinator, Marilee Hartling, R.N., M.A. at the Early Childhood Center at (310) 423-1510.

Infant/Toddler Groups

Infant or toddler groups provide the opportunity for children of similar age to interact in an environment that provides both social and physical stimulation, while offering support and education to their parents. Various groups, also known as Mommy and Me programs, are available in most communities.

Developmental Pediatricians

A pediatric doctor specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions associated with infant and child development.