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Ask the Neonatologist - Coming soon

Charles Simmons, Jr., MD, Chairman of Pediatrics and Director of Neonatology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, will host a quarterly hourlong online chat to answer questions from parents in the CSMC NICU community and around the world. Transcripts of past chats will be available online for parents' reference. To be notified of the first online chat, please enter your email at the Good Beginnings mailing list.

Quarterly Newsletter

Good Beginnings publishes an informative quarterly newsletter for its membership. The publication covers a wide group of topics, including human-interest stories, such as profiles on recent NICU families, clinical features, profiling neonatal physicians and specialists and their research, NICU developments, and Good Beginnings news and events. To read selected articles, please go to the Good Beginnings article archive.

Coffee with Experts - Coming Soon

While in the hospital, NICU parents have immediate access to the medical community. But once they are at home, their information resources suddenly change. Coming in 2008, Good Beginnings will sponsor "Coffee with Experts" quarterly lectures on pertinent topics for NICU parents, both current and past. Post-event transcripts will also be available for review online.

Developmental Resources

As babies born prematurely or those who have been hospitalized for a long time due to illness are potentially at risk for developmental delays, we have provided a listing of developmental resources available in the Los Angeles area.

Developmental Milestones

While all children reach different milestones at different times, this milestones chart provides parents with a developmental reference.

Stimulating Developmental Growth

While early intervention services are important to a child with possible developmental delays, there are many helpful things that can be done by the family. With the right activities geared to the child's developmental age, playtime can become an opportunity to enjoy activities designed to stimulate developmental growth.

Good Beginnings Annual Reunion

Each fall, Good Beginnings sponsors a reunion event to celebrate the lives of babies who were cared for in the NICU. The gathering brings together several hundred families and individuals with children who were in the NICU and the staff who tenderly cared for them