Useful Links

Listed below are links provided by former NICU parents that they found helpful while their child was in the unit.

Preemie Clothing Links - Specialty Sites

The Pump Station

Located in Santa Monica, The Pump Station provides support to new moms, providing breastfeeding support and guidance in newborn care. In addition, they offer a variety of useful products and services, including preemie clothing. From the home page, select "preemie clothing" from the menu on the left of screen.

The Preemie Store

Offers a range of clothes from different manufacturers in four sizes (0-3 lbs., 2.5-4 lbs., 3-6 lbs., and 5-8 lbs.) This is the most complete one-stop collection of preemie clothes that I could find online. In addition to clothes, this site also has birth announcements, NICU journals, preemie pacifiers, and other accessories.

Nurture Place

This store also represents different manufacture's and includes a variety of sizes (0-7+ lbs.). They offer a great selection of NICU shirts, which are easy to put on and very comfortable for the babies. The company was really helpful, the prices were fair and the items shipped quickly.

Baby Bare Clothing Company

A limited number of styles, but clothes ranging from "tiny" for 1-3 lb. babies to "preemie" for 3-6 lb. babies, and up.

The Shepard's Cradle

This company offers newborn special-occasion outfits, with heirloom christening gowns in two preemie sizes for 2-3 lbs. and 4-5 lbs. babies.

Preemie Clothing Links - Mainstream Stores

Baby Gap

They carry a line of preemie clothes up to 5 lbs. and newborn clothes up to 7 lbs. These items can be found online (search: preemie) and with limited availability in their retail stores.

The Children's Place

Again, both the online site (search: preemie) and retail stores have preemie clothes up to 7 lbs.


Their preemie line features clothes up to 8 lbs. and can be found online (search: preemie) or in their retail stores, although online choices seem limited.

Babies R Us

Their retail stores feature a section of preemie clothes divided by gender. This is a good selection of simple styles, hats, and booties to more elaborate coming-home outfits. Check website for locations. Online store (search: preemie) also has complete preemie layette collections.

Little Me

Little Me has a great line of preemie sleepers in cute styles. While these can occasionally be found in department stores such as Macy's, there's a good selection at the Little Me outlet store in Camarillo, California (check website for other locations).


While their preemie line seems to be rather new, it is growing. Again, these outfits can occasionally be found in department stores, but there is a better selection at the Carter's outlet stores in Camarillo, California, and Woodland Hills, California (check websites for other locations).

Gerber Childrensware

Under "products" select "preemie collection" to see the styles designed specifically for 3-5 lb. babies, including side-snap shirts, hats and booties, onesies, and sleepers. Although the items cannot be purchased online through Gerber, I found a range of products at Target, Babies R Us, and Burlington Coat Factory.

Useful Items

Soothie Pacifier

This is a site that sells the soothie pacifiers used in the NICU, along with a variety of useful items such as pacifier holders and pacifier clips.

Enfamil and Similac

Enfamil and Similac are the two most commonly used baby formulas. Online you can find additional product information, home delivery options, and sign up for coupons.