Frequently Asked Questions

With so many professionals caring for my baby, how can we be sure that everyone knows what our baby needs?

The healthcare team meets regularly to inform each other of your child's care-plan during shift changes, notes, and medical rounds. If you have concerns, please speak with your social worker and the healthcare team caring for your baby.

Are medical rounds the best time to ask questions?

Medical rounds are when healthcare teams review each baby's issues and care plan. Although not the best time for in-depth and private discussions, questions may be asked and briefly answered. Because the bedside affords no privacy, it is highly recommended that you work with your social worker to arrange for a meeting with your healthcare team; at the meeting you can have an in-depth discussion in private and away from the stress of the NICU.

Where can we give directed blood donations?

You may ask your medical or nursing teams if you wish to make blood donations for a specific baby's needs. When approved, you need to specify at the Blood Bank that your blood donations be directed to your baby or another recipient.

If I have questions about my baby's bedside care, who can help me?

If you feel comfortable speaking directly to the nurse at the bedside, you should definitely ask him/her about your concerns. If, however, you would rather speak with someone else, you can speak with the charge nurse for that shift. If, after speaking with the charge nurse, you still have some concerns, you may ask to speak with the nurse manager. Your social worker can also help you handle concerns and arrange meetings with others to discuss issues.